The rockmass.net web site has existed since year 2000. Two earlier versions have been presented: version 1 in 2000 to 2008 and version 2 in 2008 – 2011. Version 3 was launched in March 2011.

An update of the site was presented on November 2013 with many new issues, among others:

  • Several papers on investigation
  • Some updates of spreadsheets
  • More paper references and additional definitions 
  • Some new papers and updates of files.

A new update (this version) came in February 2015 with:

  • Approx. 200 more references
  • Additional files on investigation
  • More papers
  • Updated spreadsheet for RMR, Q and RMi calculation
  • Updated sheet for geo observations

Update January 2018:

  • Additional paper references 
  • Some new papers
  • Update of the excel spreadsheet for calculation of RMR-Q-RMi

Update April 2020:

  • Additional paper references, now 2171 references
  • Finally some comments on Eurocode 7 (EC7), mainly on rock design
  • Some few additional papers
  • Some text adjustments

The main objectives of the RockMass website are:

  • To inform on geological, rock mechanics and rock engineering aspects.
  • To pinpoint possibilities, limitations and difficulties in the use of geological data, possible difficulties and errors in measurements, in collection and in the use of rock engineering and design tools.
  • To give advice / give recommendations / communication to achieve proper and best  use of engineering geology and rock mechanics in rock engineering and design.

Thus this web page gives you information on how field observations can be performed and used in practical rock engineering.  The Rock Mass index (RMi) system has been developed as a tool in this field.

The rockmass.net website has also information on other items related to engineering geology, rock mechanics, and to rock engineering and design. 

It is hoped that content of the rockmass.net page can be of interest and a help to people education as well as practicing in planning, rock design and rock engineering.





handbookThe handbook in Engineering Geology and Rock Engineering  of 250 pages was launched in 2000. It is issued by the Norwegian Rock Mechanics Group (http://www.bergmekanikk.no), affiliated ISRM and IAEG and the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF).

Contact address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




rock engineering book

The first edition of the textbook on Rock Engineering was launched in 2010, the second edition of 444 pages in December 2014.  The layout of the book and at the same time the process in rock engineering is illustrated here.

The book (and ebook) can be ordered from the following link https://www.icebookshop.com/Products/Rock-Engineering,-2nd-edition.aspx

Important quotations are presented below from time to time:

“Good engineering geologists must be good geologists who understand engineering needs. Good geotechnical engineers must be good engineers who understand the help that geology can bring.”   Peter Fookes, 2000