Some Published Papers

Published on March 12 2011

Various papers on rock engineering, design and construction not presented in other parts of the web site. From time to time, additional papers or summary of papers will be presented. The papers (in pdf-format) cover the following items:


1. Swelling clays in seams and faults:


 2. Hydropower planning and construction: (see also the tag 'Some designs)

  • The engineering geological planning and design of the 110 MW Tjodan power plant  with an unlined pressure shaft with 950m head located in gneiss excavated by TBM.
  • Seminars on hydropower planning and development, arranged by the Norwegian Export Council in Spain (1989), presented in Spanish and in India (1990)


3. Various items:

Several papers on Undersea tunnels and on Unlined pressure tunnels are presented under the tag 'Some designs'.


Important quotations are presented below from time to time:

"If the art of soil classification is far from satisfactory, the confusion is often made worse in that users are unaware of its limitations and apply it for purposes other than that originally intended".

Arthur M. Casagrande (1948)