Rock Properties

Published on February 14 2015

Several textbook describe formation, development and composition of rocks as well as rock properties, among others Lama and Vutukuri (1976), see Publication references.

rockmass features

Some information on rocks can be found in the following:

(mi is the factor used in the Hoek-Brown criterion for rockmasses)

Take also a look at the rock classification of Prof. Richard Goodman worked out for technical use.

A special feature in the occurrence of rocks is weathering. Various classifications of weathering as well as some definitions and comment are given here.

See also Classification.

Important quotations are presented below from time to time:

"If the art of soil classification is far from satisfactory, the confusion is often made worse in that users are unaware of its limitations and apply it for purposes other than that originally intended".

Arthur M. Casagrande (1948)