Geological Information

Published on February 14 2015

The geological setting is generally a prerequisite for a good understanding of the ground conditions in the project area. Often a general geological map exists in scale between 1: 50,000 and 1:100,000.  For large projects, a separate or additional geological mapping is often conducted.  A wrongly geological base may cause wrong interpretations as described in the paper by Winter et al, 1994 and hence strongly influence on the construction of the project.

You will find a geological timescale here and here (/files/geo_timescale.pdf) and in website 
(note that Tertiary has been changed into Paleogene and Neogene)

More on geological times can be found on International Commission on Stratigraphy

In addition you can find a simple overview of the geological history in Norway 
and a short introduction to rockmass composition.

Important quotations are presented below from time to time:

"If the art of soil classification is far from satisfactory, the confusion is often made worse in that users are unaware of its limitations and apply it for purposes other than that originally intended".

Arthur M. Casagrande (1948)